The key to maximizing sessions with the community is careful planning. No matter what design activities you'd like to include, keep in mind:

  • Who are you looking to include in your sessions? Think about potential direct users as well as anyone who might be helping those groups. For example, are the older participants likely to rely on children or family members for computer or phone set up? 
  • Based on who you'd like to talk to, make it easy for those people to show up. Identify times and locations that work. 
  • Make sure you budget for honorariums for feedback. Here's the template we used, but work with community partners to identify the right amount. 
  • Create a workshop plan or script and review it with your co-facilitators. It helps to highlight the reasons behind the activities you've chosen. 
  • Spend some time in the space before the workshop and be sure to gather any materials beforehand.